Our Principal, Glenn Thexton, Family Law Specialist can advise you on the appropriateness of the proposed percentage split between you and your former spouse and what your obligations are in relation to child support. We also advise on the best form of agreement for you, whether that be as a Binding Financial Agreement or Consent Orders, for your future certainty.

We know the right questions to ask you to ensure that nothing is overlooked and you receive your just entitlements to your assets at the end of any negotiated resolution. You can call and talk to our lawyers to discuss your situation over the phone and gain an initial understanding of your entitlements.

If you in or are commencing a new relationship we provide advice to you regarding Pre-Nuptial Binding Financial Agreements to protect your assets.

You may complete and submit the below form and one of our lawyers will be able to assess and return to you usually on the same day that you submit the form.