Binding Financial Agreements

Financial Matter | Consent Orders

Following separation, parties are often unsure about what do with their assets and liabilities that have been mixed throughout the relationship.

The important first step is to contact our principal Glenn Thexton, who is an Accredited Family Law Specialist, on 1300 388 298 or 0410 639 921. With over 10 years experience as a family lawyer, our Glenn Thexton can guide you through the process and provide you with our fixed price fee to resolve your matter.

If you and your former partner have been able to agree on how the property of the relationship will be split, we can readily prepare the required documentation to make that agreement legally binding. The benefit of having a legally binding agreement in place ensures that both parties know what their entitlements are post separation so that the matter can be finalised and both parties can move on.

Both parties agreeing means that the costs of resolving your financial mattes will be minimal compared to initiating proceedings in the Family Courts. Our fixed fee gives you confidence and certainty about how much your matter will cost, allowing you to move on from the relationship without a debilitating legal bill.