Our Principal, Glenn Thexton, is an Accredited Family Law Specialist. We provide legal advice, draft superannuation agreements and obtain court orders for separated couples in respect of separating their superannuation interests.

If you are seeking to split or flag a superannuation interest, we can help you by providing advice on:

  • What is the appropriate percentage split between partners;
  • How to value a superannuation interest;
  • What superannuation interests does your partner hold;
  • How best to split or flag superannuation – Superannuation Agreement OR Court Orders;
  • What are the fees associated with a split or flagging of a superannuation interest;
  • What are the taxation implications of a superannuation split – income tax / capital gains tax.


Accumulation Interest

This is the most common type of superannuation interest. The interests in these type of benefits are based upon the contributions and earning of the superannuation fund less fees.

Defined Benefit Interest

These superannuation interests are usually held for members of the public sector. Benefits in these type of interests are provided according to a formula which normally takes into account the members length of service and final average salary.

Hybrid Funds

Are a combination of both accumulation interest and defined benefit superannuation funds.

Percentage Only Interest

Is a type of pension that is paid – the value and duration of the interest is determined by the particular superannuation fund and these interests usually are required to be valued by an experienced actuary.

Self Managed Super Funds

This is a superannuation interest in which the member determines what the interest is invested in and further provides for the management of the fund.

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